Know your rights and Get your work injury Compensation from our skilled Attorneys

If you are the victim of workplace injury that is caused by a third party, you have the basis for compensation receiving through a personal injury claim. We have well practiced lawyers who represent the clients under third party liability alleges.

Third-Party Liability Claims: This claim can be aquired when a worker is injured in duty because of someone who is other than his employer. This involves a third party of a construction project or work site. Contact our law firm for your claim when you got hurted in your work palce due to other person’s negligence. These type of claims must be handled very carefully and strategically which requires expertise. Such experience and diverse knowledge attorneys can be seen at us. With our support, our customer can feel confident and can manage the legal issue in a competent and challenging manner. We have come across many work injury issues like broken bones, knee and shoulder accidents, loss of limb, brain haemorrhages and so on. 

The immediate thing sto be followed and cleared when get hurted in the work are

  • Get medical attention immediately
  • Promptly intimate your employer
  • Give a recorded statement to your insurance company
  • Keep track of all your expenses and preserve the bills and corresponding documents.

Benefits: Medical expenses, lost wages, rejuvenating services, vocational training and related expenses can be covered and can be taken under workers compenation. People often forget to claim all types of refunds, but we ask on their behalf and make them to receive all types of claims that may include for medical appointments and physiotherapy sessions.

One should know their legal rights and should strive for them. We stand by the side of our client and will make them to get third party claim and also workers compensation. However, the claim process should be started within the limited time from the duration of the work injury happening. After the time of injury, you may not be in the position of completely healed stage and hence during that time, we assist you in full and suggets you the best possible way. Our attorneys are talented and experienced. They have taken over and have dealt many such types of cases. So, if you are one among the victims of work injury, contact us immediately for your complete claim.

There is also a possibility and chance to get the social security disability benefits along with workers compensation in case of serious injuries which made the sufferer diasbled. Our attorneys can handle such situations and coordinate to get you proper benefit. Many of our clients are not clear regarding their complete rights on the claims. One of the frequent question that they ask is whther they are entitled for compensation if they got injured because of an aggravetd old injury. The answer could be absolutely yes. The claim is not solely for healthy persons but can be availed by all workers when got hurted during their duty, even if they are with pre-existing medical problems.